Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm multi-tasking. I'm determined to finish the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surprise jacket for Brenda's new granddaughter by the time she arrives in May. It's an easy knit, just a lot of counting. I love the yarn, too. I'm using size 6 circs and Noro Silk garden lite, only the pink and gray parts.
At the same time I cast on 298 stitches for a Boy blanket, using Rowan cashsoft DK. I'm using a pattern called Moises, based on a british baby blanket but much bigger. It looks very soft and comfy.
I need to get going on one of the last two Group 40 scarves also, which I will start probably Monday. It's rainy and cold and the Godfather is on tv and everytime I look up all I see is beautiful red roses. What a great day!

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