Thursday, February 26, 2009


My ravelry friends are the sweetest, most generous loving ladies. Seriously. I got home from Knitty Thursday loaded down with books from Lizabee. She made me a card from recycled trees. It is so beautiful. So there's a dude skulking around at the top of the driveway and the pugs were going berserkers. Turns out its the guy from proflowers- delivering two dozen beautiful roses! From SillyFru and her sock monkey Sassleypoof!

So I'm playing flower diva when the mail guy shows up. He's pissed cause he has to get out of his car.
He does this because meh had three packages! One from Shebear29 which made me laugh because it was just COVERED in packing tape but says "DO NOT CUT OPEN" in huge letters...finally I just sneaked and cut it open. It's a good thing she can't keep a secret so I knew who it was from! Sheila, the little purse is so beautiful! You are just getting great at those! And thanks for the calendar!

Another box was from my sweet friend Marysk and her kittehs, and Mary I'm sorry I didn't call yesterday you know how shy I get about the phone. But OMG, Mary!!! EZ's Knitting Workshop which was on my freking wishlist, a wind-up monkey (go figure) a sweet card, beautiful beaded stitch markers and knitting buttonz, a lovely project bag, and holy crap the most scrumptious skeins of Rowan cocoon that I think I want to replace meh pillows with these. Mary, your generosity stuns me. Thank you so much!

OK if thats not the bomb, I had aNOTHER box. I'm telling ya, these knitting and crochet ladies besides being hilarious and sweet can totally spoil you on your birthday. This box was from my sister in yarn, Manitoba2ct and the card all by itself was killer funny. Two hawt babes (supposedly me n B) one says "Wheres your birthday party at?" and the other says "don't end a sentence with a proposition" so inside the card, same two hawt babes (looks exactly like us irl) first one says "wheres your birthday party at, BITCH"

Ok, Brenda how did you know that toblerone is meh favorite candybar? And where did you find one bigger than, well, that big? Also for those following at home, how did you know I had favorited the Wonderful Wallaby pattern just this morning on yer recommendation?! Thanks for that pattern! The kids are swarming over the saltwater taffy. More pg tips! You guys are getting me addicted to tea. The little batik tea pocket was handmade by B, and I love it and its orangey! Puggle socks! purple yarns! hellokitty tin! Even a piratey game for the horde to play with our sock monkey visitors!

So, OMYGAWD!!!! I love you guys. Really. I do. I'm rotten.

PS: Trooper arrested in SC last night? For Dui. Wearing a dress.
PSS: They best not vote Nick/Norman off tonight or I will be Pissed off. I'm going to go swim in birthday goodies. Faklempt.


MonkehMama de Fru said...

Happy birfday!! You are awesome!

Amy said...

ooh, I love the pug socks! and that card. I must find it...

puggerhugger said...

B got it at Target!