Monday, February 9, 2009

Shameless Request for money

Ok, son #3 is doing the jump rope thingey at school. I actually like this one because the money goes to fund research that might just keep his big brother alive longer. So here's the link...

Also, my Dad hates me. Look at this huge chocolate thing he sent the boys for Valentines Day.

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Anonymous said...

That's not bad. My X mother-in-law once gave me an empty danish cookie tin all wrapped up in Xmas paper. 10 years later the family still mentions it every year, mostly because I kept looking around at everyone wondering if it was the real deal or not. My husband got a little wooden box that year with seashells glued to it. Said she saw it at a garage sale and new he'd like it. So....a little bit of candy? Not so bad. Family.........they are all weird.