Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being Old, the Good the Bad and the prezzies

I am so spoiled this year! One of my friends, who likes to be Miss Anonymous, took me and Sister Mary Monkeypants to a spa for my bday over the weekend. Sister Mary Monkeypants loved the spa, especially the bananas. She even had her own massage table.
When I got home I had some exciting mail- presents! Gramma and Grandpa sent a hilarious package with a project bag that I will use to knit secksie things obviously, I mean look at the fabric! Too funny. And this chapstick: Get tight with Christ- Chapstick for Jesus. I love it! It's vanilla. Also candybritches Amndaleigh sent me a pink John Deere Tractor bag!! And yarn! And knit tags! I love my friends.

In other news, the hub reported that puggles were incredibly naughty while I was gone, acting like mating walruses (growling with their mouths open)... more than usual, and that Jolly tried to eat things such as a glass marble, a laundry basket, and magnet, and a lapel pin. Eastie Beastie was so pleased with my return though, she cuddled with her Daddy.

I don't mind turning 41, but I wonder how long my bod will hold up. Seems as though all the people that we know are falling apart. My mother-in-law fell yesterday and broke the ball joint in her hip and is having hip replacement surgery today in Birmingham. I'm encouraging the hub to make the trip to be with her. She really needs some family there. She's not very healthy, has diabetes and stuff. Everyone wish her well please.

Over n Out!


MonkehMama de Fru said...

Oh meh..I am lusting after the JD PINK bag!!

Noah said...

Mom says you should be 35 instead of 41. She has been 35 eight times, and she highly recommends it. Love, Noah