Monday, February 16, 2009

Sister Mary Monkeypants!

Dear puggerhugger and friends,
Sister Mary Monkeypants visited with me this weekend for a transformative nun-spa experience. We traveled to Concord to the Schell Family Collective (not Convent) where she met BJ and Hannah monkey (as well as Art).
This unruly gang indoctrinated her into the family balloon game.
Even BJ wasn’t sure what she thought of the pandamonium:
Sister Sock Monkey wiped out!
Then she decided to get the heck out of there and climb a nearby tree to escape.
Cookie Bear gave her a warm hug to help her calm down.
Then some serious reflection before surgery and wardrobe changes.
Then it was lip surgery time.
I think she likes her new lips!
And then it was time to don the habit! First there was fitting and pinning…
She also took a break to cuddle with her new friend Art (in his sock monkey pjs)…
Some pictures of her final fashion statement. Note her tail hole and her new piercing!
This is from Lizabee (THANKS LIZABEE!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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