Saturday, May 31, 2008

well I guess I still love purple

This lady from Craigslist must have some sort of yarn collecting obsessive disorder(yeah don't we all). Her entire house is FULL. She could never knit up that much yarn! Anyway I managed to get these - 24 hanks of penguin super cable and 10 balls of plymouth plus 3 blu caribe for 46 bucks. Now I can start the CAL and make another hat out of the blu caribe. I had to restrain myself from just rolling around on this lady's floor in a fit of yarn overload. I took son #3, the one with the level head, and after about thirty times of me saying "ooooh this one is seeeeewwwwww prettyyyyyyyy" he dragged me out. I might have just stayed....forever.....mwah-ha-ha!

Scary Cap and Stash Hunting

I attempted to make a drops design cap yesterday, but instead of # of rows the pattern said "crochet 6 inches" and this cap looks like something Dr. Seuss might wear. I'm about to go meet this lady from Craigslist who has advertised an entire house worth of high quality yarn in sweater quantities that she wants to sell off due to a move.... I will go get what I can for thirty bucks!! Cross yer fingers for me and I will put up pics later of what I come home with. I'm hoping to get enough to do the plus-size crochet group CAL sweater!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hubby says this is why dogs kill their owners

I adapted the sock monkey hat pattern from the "Happy Hooker" and made a leetle cap for Bootsie. I trained him to wear it by pairing it with treats...

hellokitty amigurumi

I could not find a decent HK pattern online so I made this one up. I hope you like it!
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I saw this online and I liked the picture of the mom they named it after. It's called Loving Georgia Lee Tyler crochet head hugger.
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grannysquare purse

This vintage pattern I found on Annie's Attic. It was easy to make. I lined it with an old shirt.
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Made this shawl for son #3's teacher. It is from crochetme, the Irish Rose Shawl pattern that she has in orange.
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Mr Poo

I had to include Mr. Poo. He was from my amigurimi obsession days when I first started to crochet. No pattern, just a southpark inspired lil guy.
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Sushi roll scarf unrolled on Son #1

Son #1 proudly modeling his new scarf. I did change the orange for a green since he likes avocado a lot more than the caviar the pattern called for....
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sushi roll scarf

I found this pattern on the 'net somewhere and I have the pdf but there's no link info so if anyone has it I'd love to give credit where credit is due! OK I found it! Here it is:
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Sock Monkey Baby Stuff

The sock monkey pattern is from Debbie Stoller's book "Happy Hooker" which is THE BEST learn to crochet book.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brand New & Already Behind

I finally got tired of putting my crochet projects into a myspace album and decided it was time to do a blog. Probably won't be all drama all the time, just some random life stuff and mostly yarn-related. I try to post to a few crochet-related groups on the web but I get shot down by all the copyright rules (yes I TRY to always say where I get patterns) but I just thought this might be more fun.
So not too witty or whiny, not a lot of mommy-related bragging or hubby-bashing, no politics, nothing but the yarn-infested insides of my tiny brain. Right now I can't really start any big new projects because the whole house is boxed up ready for our big move to Asheville *YAY* but I am compulsively whittling away at my stash and hubbby just bought me a new camera so first duty is uploading all the best stuff I've made recently. If anyone is interested in patterns please email me I'll be glad to share. Thanks!