Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brand New & Already Behind

I finally got tired of putting my crochet projects into a myspace album and decided it was time to do a blog. Probably won't be all drama all the time, just some random life stuff and mostly yarn-related. I try to post to a few crochet-related groups on the web but I get shot down by all the copyright rules (yes I TRY to always say where I get patterns) but I just thought this might be more fun.
So not too witty or whiny, not a lot of mommy-related bragging or hubby-bashing, no politics, nothing but the yarn-infested insides of my tiny brain. Right now I can't really start any big new projects because the whole house is boxed up ready for our big move to Asheville *YAY* but I am compulsively whittling away at my stash and hubbby just bought me a new camera so first duty is uploading all the best stuff I've made recently. If anyone is interested in patterns please email me I'll be glad to share. Thanks!

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