Saturday, May 31, 2008

well I guess I still love purple

This lady from Craigslist must have some sort of yarn collecting obsessive disorder(yeah don't we all). Her entire house is FULL. She could never knit up that much yarn! Anyway I managed to get these - 24 hanks of penguin super cable and 10 balls of plymouth plus 3 blu caribe for 46 bucks. Now I can start the CAL and make another hat out of the blu caribe. I had to restrain myself from just rolling around on this lady's floor in a fit of yarn overload. I took son #3, the one with the level head, and after about thirty times of me saying "ooooh this one is seeeeewwwwww prettyyyyyyyy" he dragged me out. I might have just stayed....forever.....mwah-ha-ha!

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