Saturday, June 21, 2008


Here are a few pics of our move to Asheville. As you can see, Boots did most of the driving. We had some trouble getting hooked back into civilization (translation: two weeks with five crazed dogs and three little boys no tv and no internet) EEKS!!!
So basically I heaved boxes around and made LOTS of STUFF. I want to show the stuff but I feel retarded about uploading pics at the moment. However, most exciting news is our ravelry puglovers' swap! First I am almost done shopping for my secret buddy person, I want to add a doggie toy to her package though. I had a hard time choosing the perfect yarn because I went into Purl's in Asheville for knit night (yes adventures abound here) and they had sooooo much yummy color. I ended up splurging on some pretty yarn in a combination of her favorite colors. Can't say much more yet because its not sent yet! I also added a bunch of lil chachkas (stuff) like beads and such, of same colors for craft embellishments, and I made her a square in her fave color. So today I'm waiting on the cable guy alll day...and we got a package! My swap stuff!!! YAY!!! And boy it is dreamy too. She was so sweet, she put a little note in it about how she made me a crochet sock monkey bookmark, isnt that cute?! And I got a great new book of hat patterrns to make, which I am already looking at one for son #2, and three skeins of gorgeous lavendar yarn, just really so luscious!!! Must post pics! AND Bootsie got a squeaky toy which he howled his pleasure (seriously he talks to squeaky toys) and a whole box of the Mr Pugsy treats which lol all of the dogs spit right out since they are healthy snacks and my crew is spoiled rotten on human food. I love swaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH RAINEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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