Thursday, October 30, 2008


Missing since Tuesday morning in the snow. Wearing a red hoodie that says "Little Devil". Offering a REWARD if found. His Mommy is FREAKING OUT.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


here is a pic of hubby this morning in the snowy yard. Also, I made a new hat from some handspun that I got from SAFF.

The pattern is improvised:

Bulky weight handspun, two colors (or hold two strands together)
Sz 13 16" circs, sz 13 dpns
Cast on 48 St
K1 P1 Ribbing in main color for 1.5 inches
Knit around 1 row
join color B and knit 2 rows
alternate colors 2-3 rows each until hat measures 5-6 inches
Start decrease rows:
*K4, K2tog* repeat from *
*K3, K2tog* repeat from *
*K2, K2tog* repeat from *
*K, K2tog* repeat from *
Switch to dpns for easier decreasing and continue to decrease every other stitch until you have 2 stitches left
pull stitches through and pop it on your head!

Please use and enjoy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zombie Madness

First to recap last night: A wonderful dinner where forty Ravelers stormed Eddie Spaghetti and won prizes followed by hours of yarny fun in the Holiday Inn Lobby. I finally figured out how to do color work and made my first skull. Also gifted BonBears with her very own Noro Sperm. Woot!
Truelove presented me with a lovely pug bracelet (hugs, Carrie!) It was so much fun!

Tonight's Zombie Walk is at the same time as Sarah Palin's Ashevegas visit. I'm hoping for a scene.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fiber Overload

I went to SAFF today. Here is some good yarn pron.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ambassador of Lovely!

A few weeks ago I featured a youtube vid called the Beckoning of Lovely, a special project done by this fabulously creative blogger. Not only is she taking all kinds of art submissions for inclusion in a creative project, but she offers everyone an opportunity to spread the word in unique ways. i took her up on it, emailing my info, and I got the coolest little package in the mail yesterday! There was a paper stating that I had been "crowned an official Ambassadr of Lovely" signed by Miss Amy herself, a bag of jellybeans (!), a ductape wallet full of little cards to pass out to people interested in the project, and a dogtag necklace to wear that says "Ambassador of Lovely" in gold. How utterly, completely charming.

Those of you who keep asking how the hospice thing is going I will just update here. Today I drove over for first visit with I. The place she stays is located way up on the side of a mountain, beautiful this time of year. I went by and got my tb test done, then drove up. Everyone staying there seems very nice. I was directed to her room and there she was, bent over on her bed struggling for breath. She's only 59 but she looks eighty, a tiny shriveled little woman. I wasnt scared or shy once I saw her. She had piles of stuff all over her bed, I guess she spends a lot of time there. She said that she was feeling "sick" and apologized, but I told her it was ok, and that sometimes people just didnt feel good and that I would call Thursday to see if that might be a better day for her, since she did not want company. I showed her a bag of crochet and knitting stuff that she could look through when she felt like it, and she seemed glad about that so I left it on her bed for her. Then I left. I still feel like an Ambassador of Lovely.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Son is a teenager today

here's Mr Man wearing his crazy new hat. Also, Boots modeling the noro Trana. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go To It, Old Boy!

My friend Ruth Beard wrote a book about her family, growing up in Alberta, Canada. i'm proud to know her and proud to have a copy of the book.
Actually it all started when I forwarded her a funny dog story and she fired one right back, along with this picture. I told her "Ruth, you should write a book!" "I have, do you want a copy?" was her reply. The picture shows two of her dogs that somehow learned to climb a ladder.

A busy weekend, we peeked into the grand St. Lawrence Basilica in Asheville, which is just unbelievably ornate and beautiful. Then we went to the Jewish food festival where I was in hog heaven (not really HOG heaven but you get the idea)

Now we are taking son #1 and his friend from school out to sushi for son #1's birthday. I can hardly believe I have a baby boy who will be a TEENAGER in the morninig. Words of solace? Dire warnings?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cute things and Trusting Crazy Ideas

I have always thought that crazy ideas were a good idea, creativity and artistic expression being fruits of this. I was right! Thanks to my friend TrustCrazyIdeas for this beautiful and unexpected generosity... Malabrigo! And Silky purply pink stuff! Thanks Jillian!!!!!!!!!!

Also, look at this talented person's cute trees, I just love this idea.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Knitty Friday!

Although I missed my yarny cohort Lizabee, I was able to get a lot of work done on the cupcake disaster project. I tried felting it, which only managed to smoosh up the nice ribbing I worked so hard on, but the hat part was still huge, so then I sewed it so it gathers together, which means it looks like the nightcaps that Laura Ingalls wore. Sigh Then I thought about just turning it into a cute little bag, so I'm crocheting handles, and I beaded the whole thing so if it's turned it kinda sorta still looks cupcakey. I think.
My dealer met me there and we exchanged money for goods. Didn't that sound shady?! Me and my exciting life. She sells wonderful handmade soaps. I got three lemon tart for the swaps, and two chai tea because hubby might like them, they're spicy. BEST of all, marvelous Dealer
gave me some absolutely gorgeous silk yarn to make a scarf with. Look!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

not important

Just sorting my thoughts. I had my hospice class tonight, and met a girl carrying a teeny chiuahua that looked very distressed. She explained that the doggie used to be cheerful till Grandmother got sick and that the doggie can tell Grandmother is about to die. I told Jane that was the part that worried me the most- getting attached to dying people's animals and then not being able to adopt them when the person had died. Jane said that they could work around that, which is a relief. I mean, I cant keep the person from dying, I cant adopt their family or do much more than offer peace and presence, but I sure would be freaking out about orphaned doggies.

I finished the cupcake hat, but its huyooge. It looks like it would fit a rhino's head. So I'm going to see what happens if I felt it. Worst case scenario I ruin it and have to make something else. I'm hoping the brim will shrink up and then I can add the little pink beads to look like sprinkles. I got the hat pattern from ravelry
but I was trying to adapt it
to fit an adult.

Ok enough blathering.

Who's Cuter?

This is Bootsie's bestetst pug friend Grandpa again, and my vote is not for yoda. Look at these wrinkles!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Not only did I get to visit a haunted building today, but my yarn-pirate friend Brenda surprised me with the bestest most awesome stitch markers ever. AND look what she sent for the poor dog! A pint o' me best to ye, Manitoba! (we love youuuuuuuu)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Firefly in Alaska!

I am so happy today, even though I burnt my fingers attempting to make soup. Today I got a wonderful surprise in the mail! My swap from Firefly arrived and WOW, it is great. I must do some sleuthing to figure out who in our swap is from Alaska because they forgot to sign the card. LOL. Whoever this generous person is, they MADE me a messenger bag! And used intarsia to put on the chinese letters for serenity. So THAT overjoyed me, to recieve such a lovely handmade gift. Thank you so much, person from Alaska! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, then she put in a huge bar of organic chocolate (woot) and some Alaskan tea and honey which I can't WAIT to show hubby because he loves tea and I will have some too. Also she put in a card shwing the mysterious Borealis that I hope to see one day. A book about sourdough bread in Alaska! Again, hubbby thanks you.... AND as if that was not enough she included some lovely brown yarn, I think its wool, and a skein of absolutely delicious looking hand dyed superwash silky wool from Alaska! I wonder if she dyed this by hand and she's Denise? ?? Update will follow once I know more!
Im totally spoilt! YAY Firefly Swap Rawked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Delighted and Nervous

Miss Jane just called, I have my first hospice assignment! She has a lady who has a wish to learn crochet or knitting, and I got picked to go teach her. WOW. The responsibility is huge. I can't say much more due to confidentiality, but I'm really excited to offer anything I can to this lady, especially the joy of working with yarn. I know it sounds silly but I guess every person doing some small act, right?

Grandpa is so cute

My Ravelry Friend Gramma has the cutest pug. He sent us a package over the weekend, with treats for Boots and chocolate for me! We love you, Grandpa....

Fall festivals are coming out of my ears here,but Son #1 has a birthday this upcoming weekend so I'm trying to focus on that. Also, Sunday there is a Jew thing in Grove Park Arcade. HardLox.
I was raised Jewish and every so often I crave weird food, so I'm hopped up about this festival. I like the music too.

I had a great time at knitty Friday although poor Lizabee is on crutches. Her hubbby has written a book that sounds totally interesting.
Sunday I went to church early, and sat with them. The tree that I always look at during the service has a vine climbing up the trunk that is covered in red leaves. Gorgeous. Late service I got to hold babies in nursery! Yay!

At home, no cigarettes four days. Woot! I'm working on a surprise for my baked goods swap, and also working on second blanket square for the Traveling scarves secret gift thingey.

There are so many cute things that I want to put in my swaps! I have Baked Goods Swap, favorite things swaps, and SOAB, plus Im getting stuff together for my pink swappers' grand prize AND some door prizes for the Ravelry get-together at SAFF on Sat night of the festival.

Any ideas for prizes? Let me know!

Monday, October 6, 2008

As Promised.

Also, Yarn Harlot is Sponsoring a Game for Charity inspired by the Previously posted Weirdness.

Yarny Obsessive Hilarious Political yada yada

too too funny. Almost as funny as the Mason-Dixon you-tube video. That will be my next link.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I like it that Obama rhymes with llama

We missed church today because we figured everyone was going to be at the rally anyway. I was ambivalent about going because of the huge crowds expected, but sons #1 and #2 both expressed clear desires to attend. We saw two pugs there, although one was a Republican according to her human. We walked for frekin miles, and after we saw what might be the end of the line going into the stadium, we decided to watch from a bluff to the left of the stage, behind a fence in some lovely shade. I liked our spot because I got to knit in the cool, and we had a gang of boys with sticks hooting and climbing trees for entertainment. It was a very easy going crowd, discussing transcendental meditation and smoking pot (away from us thank goodness or I'd have hurled on them). When he got there I got pictures and he waved at us there on the bluff. It was pretty weird to see all of the secret service doing their thing! I liked the speech Obama made, recognizing the beauty of Asheville and joking that the only thing he didnt like was having to pass up the golf course. He says he'll come back sometime. I hope he brings his family, I bet the girls would like Biltmore. Anyways, here's my pics! How was that for a political post with zero politics? I hate politics.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fiber Friends

Ok my laptop is about to go boom, so I'm typing fast. Plus I ran out of effexor. effexor withdrawal=dizziness. gah. So forgive my brevity.
All prayers going out to Knit-Knerd's fiance's Dad who is recovering from heart surgery. Also to silly Lizabee for being so excited by Fall at Asheville Botanical Gardens that she fell down and hurted her foot.

Pink Swap: I have loved moderating it! Met some terrific gals! You all please please try to get your packages out by Monday. I will go through and check on everyone on Mon or Tues when I get my meds (and my brain turns back on).

Fiber Friends met today and Lisa brought us each a handmade soap. Mine is a yummy lemongrass sage. These are wonderful for bathing but I also love to put them in with my stash. She has the coolest ideas for naming her scented soaps, too. She has one that smells like fresh cut grass and its called "Barefoot in the Park". :) I'm going to put in orders for all of my swaps in the future. Her website is and she takes paypal! Woot!

Meals on Wheels is accepting legwarmers with the following basic PATTERN:
Acrylic or wool, worsted weight, sz 8 circs 16"
cast on 60 stitches
place marker.
Do a K2P2 rib for 7 rounds or so.
4 rounds in contrasting stripe
4 rounds main color
4 more contrasting stripe
back to main color for 16 or 17"
cast off.

Give to homeless people so they can have warm legs plus look like they are about to be footloose or get splashed with a bucket of water from the ceiling. Make set for self, do Olivia Newton John pose in mirror while humming Xanadu.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Knitty Friday!

My Raveling friend Lizabee is sew talented. (get it? S-e-w) Look what she made me from the fabric I had given her! I had Rakked her all my favorite pretty fabrics because I figured she could make better use from it. Well she showed me! We had such a wonderful morning trading yarn and talking about knitty stuff and family. We met in a sunny room at a cafe in Ashevegas, and at one point some British tourists wandered in with coffee, asking could they sit in on the knit club. Yay! Our own knit club! And its international. Then she gave me a really cool tweedy nubby yarn which is turning into a hubby scarf. Plus when I got home I had a surprise RAK from Marysk- a ravelry tote! (want 1000) Hooyah!
And I'm in a RAK Smackdown with Shebear29, who is an elf. See the tiny needles and itty bitty blanket on the card she sent? :)
Refreshing blog with zero reference to political debate. Woot!