Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go To It, Old Boy!

My friend Ruth Beard wrote a book about her family, growing up in Alberta, Canada. i'm proud to know her and proud to have a copy of the book.
Actually it all started when I forwarded her a funny dog story and she fired one right back, along with this picture. I told her "Ruth, you should write a book!" "I have, do you want a copy?" was her reply. The picture shows two of her dogs that somehow learned to climb a ladder.

A busy weekend, we peeked into the grand St. Lawrence Basilica in Asheville, which is just unbelievably ornate and beautiful. Then we went to the Jewish food festival where I was in hog heaven (not really HOG heaven but you get the idea)

Now we are taking son #1 and his friend from school out to sushi for son #1's birthday. I can hardly believe I have a baby boy who will be a TEENAGER in the morninig. Words of solace? Dire warnings?

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