Monday, October 13, 2008

Grandpa is so cute

My Ravelry Friend Gramma has the cutest pug. He sent us a package over the weekend, with treats for Boots and chocolate for me! We love you, Grandpa....

Fall festivals are coming out of my ears here,but Son #1 has a birthday this upcoming weekend so I'm trying to focus on that. Also, Sunday there is a Jew thing in Grove Park Arcade. HardLox.
I was raised Jewish and every so often I crave weird food, so I'm hopped up about this festival. I like the music too.

I had a great time at knitty Friday although poor Lizabee is on crutches. Her hubbby has written a book that sounds totally interesting.
Sunday I went to church early, and sat with them. The tree that I always look at during the service has a vine climbing up the trunk that is covered in red leaves. Gorgeous. Late service I got to hold babies in nursery! Yay!

At home, no cigarettes four days. Woot! I'm working on a surprise for my baked goods swap, and also working on second blanket square for the Traveling scarves secret gift thingey.

There are so many cute things that I want to put in my swaps! I have Baked Goods Swap, favorite things swaps, and SOAB, plus Im getting stuff together for my pink swappers' grand prize AND some door prizes for the Ravelry get-together at SAFF on Sat night of the festival.

Any ideas for prizes? Let me know!


Supermom said...

WOOT WOOT!! You rock on the no cigs for 4 days!!!!

The pug is ADORABLE!!!!!

I hope you have a nice week.
At least the weather is going to be warm!

Michelle :)

puggerhugger said...

thank you, I'll tell his mama you said so. :)

j said...

omg, look at that grandpa's snaggletooth. makes me want a snaggletooth. not rly.