Thursday, October 16, 2008

not important

Just sorting my thoughts. I had my hospice class tonight, and met a girl carrying a teeny chiuahua that looked very distressed. She explained that the doggie used to be cheerful till Grandmother got sick and that the doggie can tell Grandmother is about to die. I told Jane that was the part that worried me the most- getting attached to dying people's animals and then not being able to adopt them when the person had died. Jane said that they could work around that, which is a relief. I mean, I cant keep the person from dying, I cant adopt their family or do much more than offer peace and presence, but I sure would be freaking out about orphaned doggies.

I finished the cupcake hat, but its huyooge. It looks like it would fit a rhino's head. So I'm going to see what happens if I felt it. Worst case scenario I ruin it and have to make something else. I'm hoping the brim will shrink up and then I can add the little pink beads to look like sprinkles. I got the hat pattern from ravelry
but I was trying to adapt it
to fit an adult.

Ok enough blathering.

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Jennifer Saylor said...

Orphaned doggies have help. There's breed rescue for breeds -- I helped place a sick friend's Weimeraner that way, and she went to live on a FARM with kids while my friend recovered! There's also the Animal Compassion Network locally, could you be sure to tell Hospice about them? They place homeless cats and dogs.