Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zombie Madness

First to recap last night: A wonderful dinner where forty Ravelers stormed Eddie Spaghetti and won prizes followed by hours of yarny fun in the Holiday Inn Lobby. I finally figured out how to do color work and made my first skull. Also gifted BonBears with her very own Noro Sperm. Woot!
Truelove presented me with a lovely pug bracelet (hugs, Carrie!) It was so much fun!

Tonight's Zombie Walk is at the same time as Sarah Palin's Ashevegas visit. I'm hoping for a scene.


Anonymous said...

We had soooo much fun at the Holiday Inn! Heyyyyyy!!!!

puggerhugger said...

I know, right?! And leave it in the freezer JUST to chill. :)

Anonymous said...

Your skull is fabulous! I'll expect to see more now. I am jelous of your weekend! See you in the forums buddette.