Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ambassador of Lovely!

A few weeks ago I featured a youtube vid called the Beckoning of Lovely, a special project done by this fabulously creative blogger. Not only is she taking all kinds of art submissions for inclusion in a creative project, but she offers everyone an opportunity to spread the word in unique ways. i took her up on it, emailing my info, and I got the coolest little package in the mail yesterday! There was a paper stating that I had been "crowned an official Ambassadr of Lovely" signed by Miss Amy herself, a bag of jellybeans (!), a ductape wallet full of little cards to pass out to people interested in the project, and a dogtag necklace to wear that says "Ambassador of Lovely" in gold. How utterly, completely charming.

Those of you who keep asking how the hospice thing is going I will just update here. Today I drove over for first visit with I. The place she stays is located way up on the side of a mountain, beautiful this time of year. I went by and got my tb test done, then drove up. Everyone staying there seems very nice. I was directed to her room and there she was, bent over on her bed struggling for breath. She's only 59 but she looks eighty, a tiny shriveled little woman. I wasnt scared or shy once I saw her. She had piles of stuff all over her bed, I guess she spends a lot of time there. She said that she was feeling "sick" and apologized, but I told her it was ok, and that sometimes people just didnt feel good and that I would call Thursday to see if that might be a better day for her, since she did not want company. I showed her a bag of crochet and knitting stuff that she could look through when she felt like it, and she seemed glad about that so I left it on her bed for her. Then I left. I still feel like an Ambassador of Lovely.


Supermom said...

Awww, that is awesome. She needed your visit and I know it made her feel better!

Michelle :)

Fru said...

snaps for ambassador of lovely!