Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fiber Friends

Ok my laptop is about to go boom, so I'm typing fast. Plus I ran out of effexor. effexor withdrawal=dizziness. gah. So forgive my brevity.
All prayers going out to Knit-Knerd's fiance's Dad who is recovering from heart surgery. Also to silly Lizabee for being so excited by Fall at Asheville Botanical Gardens that she fell down and hurted her foot.

Pink Swap: I have loved moderating it! Met some terrific gals! You all please please try to get your packages out by Monday. I will go through and check on everyone on Mon or Tues when I get my meds (and my brain turns back on).

Fiber Friends met today and Lisa brought us each a handmade soap. Mine is a yummy lemongrass sage. These are wonderful for bathing but I also love to put them in with my stash. She has the coolest ideas for naming her scented soaps, too. She has one that smells like fresh cut grass and its called "Barefoot in the Park". :) I'm going to put in orders for all of my swaps in the future. Her website is and she takes paypal! Woot!

Meals on Wheels is accepting legwarmers with the following basic PATTERN:
Acrylic or wool, worsted weight, sz 8 circs 16"
cast on 60 stitches
place marker.
Do a K2P2 rib for 7 rounds or so.
4 rounds in contrasting stripe
4 rounds main color
4 more contrasting stripe
back to main color for 16 or 17"
cast off.

Give to homeless people so they can have warm legs plus look like they are about to be footloose or get splashed with a bucket of water from the ceiling. Make set for self, do Olivia Newton John pose in mirror while humming Xanadu.


Fru said...

I'm starting week 3 sans Effexor. I feel your pain!

puggerhugger said...

Whoa! are you getting a better med? Does it get easier? yikes....