Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Firefly in Alaska!

I am so happy today, even though I burnt my fingers attempting to make soup. Today I got a wonderful surprise in the mail! My swap from Firefly arrived and WOW, it is great. I must do some sleuthing to figure out who in our swap is from Alaska because they forgot to sign the card. LOL. Whoever this generous person is, they MADE me a messenger bag! And used intarsia to put on the chinese letters for serenity. So THAT overjoyed me, to recieve such a lovely handmade gift. Thank you so much, person from Alaska! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, then she put in a huge bar of organic chocolate (woot) and some Alaskan tea and honey which I can't WAIT to show hubby because he loves tea and I will have some too. Also she put in a card shwing the mysterious Borealis that I hope to see one day. A book about sourdough bread in Alaska! Again, hubbby thanks you.... AND as if that was not enough she included some lovely brown yarn, I think its wool, and a skein of absolutely delicious looking hand dyed superwash silky wool from Alaska! I wonder if she dyed this by hand and she's Denise? ?? Update will follow once I know more!
Im totally spoilt! YAY Firefly Swap Rawked!!!!!!!!!!!!


Myownigloo said...

Fantastic! Love that bag!

Aynsley said...

Wow, that is totally sweet!

Fru said...

Damns!!! I hope my spoils box is as badazz as that one!!! awesome!!!