Friday, October 3, 2008

Knitty Friday!

My Raveling friend Lizabee is sew talented. (get it? S-e-w) Look what she made me from the fabric I had given her! I had Rakked her all my favorite pretty fabrics because I figured she could make better use from it. Well she showed me! We had such a wonderful morning trading yarn and talking about knitty stuff and family. We met in a sunny room at a cafe in Ashevegas, and at one point some British tourists wandered in with coffee, asking could they sit in on the knit club. Yay! Our own knit club! And its international. Then she gave me a really cool tweedy nubby yarn which is turning into a hubby scarf. Plus when I got home I had a surprise RAK from Marysk- a ravelry tote! (want 1000) Hooyah!
And I'm in a RAK Smackdown with Shebear29, who is an elf. See the tiny needles and itty bitty blanket on the card she sent? :)
Refreshing blog with zero reference to political debate. Woot!

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