Tuesday, October 28, 2008


here is a pic of hubby this morning in the snowy yard. Also, I made a new hat from some handspun that I got from SAFF.

The pattern is improvised:

Bulky weight handspun, two colors (or hold two strands together)
Sz 13 16" circs, sz 13 dpns
Cast on 48 St
K1 P1 Ribbing in main color for 1.5 inches
Knit around 1 row
join color B and knit 2 rows
alternate colors 2-3 rows each until hat measures 5-6 inches
Start decrease rows:
*K4, K2tog* repeat from *
*K3, K2tog* repeat from *
*K2, K2tog* repeat from *
*K, K2tog* repeat from *
Switch to dpns for easier decreasing and continue to decrease every other stitch until you have 2 stitches left
pull stitches through and pop it on your head!

Please use and enjoy!

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Kelly said...

snow - unbelievable, isnt it? in 5 years i've never seen it get so cold, nevermind snow, this early in the season! looks like you'll stay warm with that hat though, it's very nice!

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