Thursday, December 24, 2009

Action Bastard & The Christmas Hippo

I bet THAT title has never been used before. We are having a zany Christmas Eve here at pug palace. First, got home from work to a surprise package from Jollypyrate which included such wonderments as Alligator Jerky, Nun crochet book and magnet, a Pirate ornament, beautiful goodies like stich markers and pink sock yarn, key lime taffy and other fun goodies. It just totally made my day and I felt very cheerful and thankful for my friendship with Naomi.

Things took a dire turn at that point, when Ward started ranting about how E-book software got hacked and how it annoys him that all e-reader stuff isnt free and can't be transferred. I am totally nervous, having spent gobs of money on his Christmas gift...a Kindle. See, I was thinking gadget, he loves gadgets, and he loves to read on the commode (TMI?) but his lil pda thing isnt big enough for much reading right? And the kindle does pdf's, audio, and tons of free downloads plus cheaper versions of new stuff, and is a gadget did I mention he loves gadgets? *sigh* Anyway I woke up this morning with a really bad anxiety migraine. I just know he will hate this gift and I will be just sick about it. On the bright side, I love gadgets.

SO, Action Bastard is this piece of leftover Christmas felt that Ben made into a little person to play with. He loves action figures. Actually he loves to destroy them, eat them, and put them in jail, rescue them, cover them in modeling get the idea. Having destroyed every action figure in a ten mile vicinity, he MADE the felt one and christened it "Action Bastard". I love my family.

The Christmas Hippo, well, what can I possibly say. Ok, I was at Kmart, turned a corner and there, amongst the usual Cheery brightly lit yard junk like penguins, snowmen, etc. was...a hippo. I looked at Hippo, Hippo looked at me. I was charmed. I mean, WHO DOESNT NEED, VIOLENTLY NEED-a christmas Hippo. Maybe the guy who can AFFORD a giant Elvis on his roof. Otherwise? Oh me please! I didnt buy the hippo because, frankly, I thought Ward might file for divorce. I did try to tell him how awesome Hippo was, but only once, then I dropped it because why dream? Right?
This morning, Ward, scoring MAJOR marriage points, goes to Kmart, comes home and sets in front of me our new Bowman Family Holiday Mascot: CHRISTMAS HIPPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all. oh one more thing- love to my dear sweet girls- Brenda, Lizabee, Naomi, Fru, Mary, Amanda, Lynne, Karen, Stacey, Lindsey, Becs, Kelle, Cindy, Laura, Mac, Ashley, and Tina even though she probably has no clue I have a blog. I love you and Peaceful Night, Merry Christmas, Happy Days.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am in Love

dear bunnyfoofoo, yes I will bring you to work today and knit you into a cowl possibly. I shall take more photos of you, sexy beast, that show your glittery parts. Maybe a different backdrop? Im all a’flutter, since only about 20 yards of you exist. Its a good thing urbangypz didn’t make like ten hanks of you or I would just have had to mug her and run away. I still remember the moment our eye(s?) met…how you tumbled out of her bag in slow motion, shining in all your glory, and I grabbed you up. Next thing I knew you were stuffed in my bra. XOX - pugger

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa is from Canada

This year, Santa is from Canada. I am totally convinced of this. Manitoba to be exact. He sent us these gorgeous candy apples today. Then, I saw a box on my porch that said "monkey business" on it. Inside was a load of the BEST most thoughtful Christmasy goodness! Santa included a singing dancing rabbi, a hellokitty necklace from etsy (you know Santa shops handmade!) and HK journal and stickers. Also, yummy chocolate toffee my favorite of course. There was a sweet card, and a small ornament that said it all: best friends. Which made me cry. Cause Santa is my best friend. Yay! Also, the most beautiful bracelet I've ever had- a real Troll bracelet, with a gorgeous glass bead and a yarn bead! I hope that Santa gets the same cool bead so we can keep being twins.
Santa you are the best! See you in January for big squishy hugs and a week of knitting! I love you!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crafty Saturday Stuff

Here's a great idea for a Christmas Wreath from Magpie & Cake! a Knitted Heart from Ben Cuevas- anatomically correct. Awesome collages by Stephanie Levy on etsy. Also, kind over matter has a new free tutorial for cute paper cone trees.
Meanwhile, last night I made a cowl. What do you think?

Felted Kindle Pouch Pattern

Don't tell Ward, but I got him a kindle for Christmas. There are some fantastic handmade kindle bags on Etsy, but I wanted to make him one myself. There's one pattern for a knitted bag on ravelry, but nothing that looked suitable for a guy, so I made one up. Here's the pattern:

Using size 15 straights (14") or circs in 24" or longer
2 skeins super bulky weight 100% wool yarn (I used Socos)

Cast on 80 stitches
Knit in stockinette until you use up two skeins of yarn.
You'll have a huge rectangle.
Just sew up one end so that you make a pocket.


Here are before and after photos. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crafty Goodies

There are just so many creative people on the internet! Filth Wizardry has a great free printable for the holidays, with legos! A beautiful and sweet holiday gift is up on resurrectionfern. There's a great glitter menorah tutorial on this blog. Also, just for random creepiness, how about gifting that old boss with a box of 1000 live ladybugs?
That's pretty dang creative.
In my corner of earth, I've vowed not to cast on anything else till the WIP pile goes down, so I've got two different socks going, one sweater sleeve, one sweater back, and Japanese Crochet Legwarmer #2. I'm going to break the vow today though, I can tell. I have to make some sort of knitted _________ to felt for Ward's Christmas prezzie. Mysterious! Exciting! Winging it!
Pictured: Japanese crocheted legwarmer #1 and a gorgeous bed & brekky in Black Mountain that Son #3 and I just happened to see the other night, all decked out for the holidays.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh No, Cheerful in December?!

Yes, I admit, I'm one of THOSE people. Peace on Earth, humming Charlie Brown Christmas music under my breath, buying gelt, and squirreling away shiny things for loved ones. I think it makes me an optimist, but somehow it just feels as if the collective heart of our planet just focuses more on love in the starry nights of December. Anyway, here are a few images for you- son #2 holding his candy house, and the Noel thing- see Ward's face? He's always said he wanted his own NOEL, so he could switch the letters to say LEON. The season of candy and mischief is officially upon us! The Pink-a-trocious tree is up, potato latkes are on the shopping list, prezzies have been mailed off, letters to Santa written, and my thoughts are on loved ones- Brenda, to have a joyous holiday this year with her new darling grandbaby, Lulu, that dear Grandpa pug is going to be all right, Lindsey, to be able to overcome the chemo effects in order to enjoy Ben's college graduation, Naomi, who gets hugs and buttercream frosting to deal with Sister Mary Monkeypants... My love to all of you!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Flying Monkeys

Sorry about the fuzzy photo, I think my camera is used to taking pics of yarn. Son #2 was a great flying monkey in his play at school. Go figure.
There has been an explosion of cute crafty lately (isnt there always?!) but these especially caught my eye today- felt Thanksgiving meal tutorial , edible flying spaghetti monster tutorial, awesome etsy shop of steampunky goodness , and the stretchy sock bindoff is up on knitty! Also, loving this blog with such cute cute pretty things!
Off to work, me pretties!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's a small victory, but satisfying I hope. I'm in a library swap in pincushions and we had to find out our partner's favorite books and make some sort of pincushion with that theme. My person loved Little House on the Prarie. I made a Nellie Olsen Voodoo Doll. I got such satisfaction sticking the pins in her!
My domo case came in the mail today and selfishly I refuse to either gift it or let little boys have it but hogged it for sock knitting. Isnt he cute?!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Son #2 got his first pair of cool boy shoes this weekend. Here is the song my boys like to sing about shoes. Uhei, not this r-rated version usually. Also, Urbangypz gave to me the luscious blue yarnz and I'm supposed to make something she can put on her site but I doubt she's expecting this hug scarf I'm making for my Brenda. I want to design one that is a bit shorter so the hands just cover the boobs of the wearer, then put intarsia on it that says "save the tatas". Also, first row of cookie A monkey socks done after frogging twice. Trying to get them perfect for Lindsey.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Danger Will Robinson!

There is a downside to living with four pugs. In the cold winter mornings, with two warm pugs scrunched up behind your butt under the blankets, one snoring next to your head and one curled up against your belly, you could never get up. It's a serious concern. Like global warming.
Lion brand has just released four short vids about knitting socks.I'm hoping I can conquer that hole in the gussett thing. Much more fun lately: knitty Otter's Entrelac Tutorial
So easy! So much fun with Noro.
Im working with Urbangypz who has double superpowers: she spins and dyes. See her cute face pictured above? She gifted me with blindingly green lime sock yarn. I like this local yarn celebrity. You should check her out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sister Mary Monkeypants is BACK in Black

SMMP arrived home in style, toted to SAFF by Pixiethief. She's resting on the dining room table right now, calmly surveying her domain and smoking a knit cigarette. She's also clutching her new instant holy mary toast stamp and her new purple monster friend. Notice the sparkly bikini?
I know she's tired from chasing that scary looking nun we saw at SAFF. She was trying to sneak up on the nun to get a healing blessing for me since I'm apparently trying to die of exhaustion and too much fun crammed into one weekend. There's cuppycake porn from Fru (god bless her spunky glittery self) and Becca teaching Nick how to spin.
I had so much fun it should be illegal. The pugs were very bad, and I got prezzies and lots of sock yarn and learned how to felt teddy bears. YAY!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pimping Myself!

Its that time again, vote for best blogs in Asheville (best craft blog could be ME) yes?
If you want to scroll through the list here's a link

There are some really interesting blogs out there. Especially, you know, mine.
Plus, if you vote for me and leave a comment, you could win my random drawing for a pair of knit WonderWoman panties. Oh YEAH!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Candy Sushi Birthday

Son #1, my sushi fanatic, turns 14 in a few days so I made him a candy sushi bento platter. The plate is brownie, the green icing is supposed to be wasabi. MMMMM wasabi... I dearly hope he likes! Also pictured, a naked Eric Northman doll from TrueBlood. Clothes to follow when I get that figured out. Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 5, 2009

WonderWoman Skivvies and Collage Art

I'm getting closer to my goal of designing this project. Today the yarn arrived, and now I will find a way to chart the white stars on the blue background before I cast on. Ward finally hung the bamboo pole on the wall so I can display the scarves that made it home from Traveling Scarf year. That experience was such a great way to both make friends and learn new stitches. In other news, son #3 came home with a classic piece of collage work. He was told to fancy up American Gothic. His version, as seen in the photo, he calls "The Trinity" and says its Santa, God, and three pengins giving birth to the earth. I love it. I'm wondering if the art teacher had a clue what he did there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crafty Halloween and Nunsense

A week or so ago I posted this link on facebook for these totally cute crafty pumpkin scrapbook decorations. Well, last night I got to digging into my scrapbook papers and decided to go for it. They are so fun! Here are the ones I made.
We also have a new nun, from our dear jollypyrate that was randomly RAK'd to me, Sister Mary Tailor Moore! Cute!!