Sunday, December 13, 2009

Felted Kindle Pouch Pattern

Don't tell Ward, but I got him a kindle for Christmas. There are some fantastic handmade kindle bags on Etsy, but I wanted to make him one myself. There's one pattern for a knitted bag on ravelry, but nothing that looked suitable for a guy, so I made one up. Here's the pattern:

Using size 15 straights (14") or circs in 24" or longer
2 skeins super bulky weight 100% wool yarn (I used Socos)

Cast on 80 stitches
Knit in stockinette until you use up two skeins of yarn.
You'll have a huge rectangle.
Just sew up one end so that you make a pocket.


Here are before and after photos. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice going! My pouch (about half done) isn't felted...Stay tuned.


konagirl said...

Such a warm and fuzzy gift! Not to mention you saved yourself a bundle! Way to go!

jeannette said...

Love this yarn -what brand is this? You are right - very fitting for a guy!
My son just bought one of those
I- pads, and I thought that would be the same principle as for a Kindle. Please write me back about the yarn -thanks!

Granny Bobo said...

Love the pouch. I'm trying to knit one with different yarn. New knitter. Can you tell me how long the piece was before you felted it? thanks,