Thursday, December 24, 2009

Action Bastard & The Christmas Hippo

I bet THAT title has never been used before. We are having a zany Christmas Eve here at pug palace. First, got home from work to a surprise package from Jollypyrate which included such wonderments as Alligator Jerky, Nun crochet book and magnet, a Pirate ornament, beautiful goodies like stich markers and pink sock yarn, key lime taffy and other fun goodies. It just totally made my day and I felt very cheerful and thankful for my friendship with Naomi.

Things took a dire turn at that point, when Ward started ranting about how E-book software got hacked and how it annoys him that all e-reader stuff isnt free and can't be transferred. I am totally nervous, having spent gobs of money on his Christmas gift...a Kindle. See, I was thinking gadget, he loves gadgets, and he loves to read on the commode (TMI?) but his lil pda thing isnt big enough for much reading right? And the kindle does pdf's, audio, and tons of free downloads plus cheaper versions of new stuff, and is a gadget did I mention he loves gadgets? *sigh* Anyway I woke up this morning with a really bad anxiety migraine. I just know he will hate this gift and I will be just sick about it. On the bright side, I love gadgets.

SO, Action Bastard is this piece of leftover Christmas felt that Ben made into a little person to play with. He loves action figures. Actually he loves to destroy them, eat them, and put them in jail, rescue them, cover them in modeling get the idea. Having destroyed every action figure in a ten mile vicinity, he MADE the felt one and christened it "Action Bastard". I love my family.

The Christmas Hippo, well, what can I possibly say. Ok, I was at Kmart, turned a corner and there, amongst the usual Cheery brightly lit yard junk like penguins, snowmen, etc. was...a hippo. I looked at Hippo, Hippo looked at me. I was charmed. I mean, WHO DOESNT NEED, VIOLENTLY NEED-a christmas Hippo. Maybe the guy who can AFFORD a giant Elvis on his roof. Otherwise? Oh me please! I didnt buy the hippo because, frankly, I thought Ward might file for divorce. I did try to tell him how awesome Hippo was, but only once, then I dropped it because why dream? Right?
This morning, Ward, scoring MAJOR marriage points, goes to Kmart, comes home and sets in front of me our new Bowman Family Holiday Mascot: CHRISTMAS HIPPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all. oh one more thing- love to my dear sweet girls- Brenda, Lizabee, Naomi, Fru, Mary, Amanda, Lynne, Karen, Stacey, Lindsey, Becs, Kelle, Cindy, Laura, Mac, Ashley, and Tina even though she probably has no clue I have a blog. I love you and Peaceful Night, Merry Christmas, Happy Days.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Bowman's are having a wonderful Christmas!!!!
I love you guys. :)
Happy Hippo Day!


8ntfrogn said...

I got the email for your Christmas post today.
I'm so glad you got Christmas Hippo.
Love You Bunches from
The Frogs and the Dogs...Karen