Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh No, Cheerful in December?!

Yes, I admit, I'm one of THOSE people. Peace on Earth, humming Charlie Brown Christmas music under my breath, buying gelt, and squirreling away shiny things for loved ones. I think it makes me an optimist, but somehow it just feels as if the collective heart of our planet just focuses more on love in the starry nights of December. Anyway, here are a few images for you- son #2 holding his candy house, and the Noel thing- see Ward's face? He's always said he wanted his own NOEL, so he could switch the letters to say LEON. The season of candy and mischief is officially upon us! The Pink-a-trocious tree is up, potato latkes are on the shopping list, prezzies have been mailed off, letters to Santa written, and my thoughts are on loved ones- Brenda, to have a joyous holiday this year with her new darling grandbaby, Lulu, that dear Grandpa pug is going to be all right, Lindsey, to be able to overcome the chemo effects in order to enjoy Ben's college graduation, Naomi, who gets hugs and buttercream frosting to deal with Sister Mary Monkeypants... My love to all of you!

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