Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crafty Goodies

There are just so many creative people on the internet! Filth Wizardry has a great free printable for the holidays, with legos! A beautiful and sweet holiday gift is up on resurrectionfern. There's a great glitter menorah tutorial on this blog. Also, just for random creepiness, how about gifting that old boss with a box of 1000 live ladybugs?
That's pretty dang creative.
In my corner of earth, I've vowed not to cast on anything else till the WIP pile goes down, so I've got two different socks going, one sweater sleeve, one sweater back, and Japanese Crochet Legwarmer #2. I'm going to break the vow today though, I can tell. I have to make some sort of knitted _________ to felt for Ward's Christmas prezzie. Mysterious! Exciting! Winging it!
Pictured: Japanese crocheted legwarmer #1 and a gorgeous bed & brekky in Black Mountain that Son #3 and I just happened to see the other night, all decked out for the holidays.
Merry Christmas!

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