Friday, January 1, 2010

To Look Forward To

I kind of enjoyed 2009, and I'm predicting that 2010 will be the Year of Yarn. Let me lay it out for you: I'm lucky enough to be living in crafty Asheville, working at Purl's. I'm a cookie, and Captain of TeamSockMonkey Ravelympics 2010. You already know about the Christmas Hippo. So my year looks like this:
January Knittymac moves to Asheville, and I get to go to CT to visit Brenda! WOOHOO!!! A week of knitting and IRL hugs and giggles!
I'm using some buter-soft Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton to make this blankie for the shop. So far it has been fibercrack just as predicted. Bought some Ella Rae Latte in Amethyst (oh yeah) to do a Thermis cowl. That Latte is so soft, and it shimmers like Mirasol.
Also? SOCK WARS V I am puggerhuggersockninja!
February is time to knit a box of chocolates, and start Ravelympics! Also maybe some sort of birthday thing.
March-May I'll be saving up for Ashevegas 2010, our annual yarn crawl and social sock monkey party here in Asheville set for he last week in June.
June I'm really hoping to take the horde to some sort of beach, since Matthew has never seen the ocean. Ashevegas 2010 of course will be AWESOME!! More on that later.
July Im hoping Brenda and Don will come down here and camp out. Crossing my paws.
August- holy carp that's fall! Time to save up for SAFF. Urbangypz has decided to do a booth at SAFF this year and asked me to help her out. I can't WAIT!
Hopefully by fall I'll be finished with Ward's cardigan. *weak laugh* Also on the needles about 3 pairs of socks, the infernal wallaby, Ward's entrelac experiment...
Of interest- Jane Thornley and possibly this scarf.

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Fru-la-la! said...

so being on my yarn diet, I can come to ashevegas for the tractor retreat and enjoy the company but not buy any yarn pron, mkay? I'm making a calorimetry w/ the pink ella rae you sent me b/c you're awesome! I love your year of yarnz!!! And a booth at SAFF?!!! Hells YES!!!