Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Week Ever

Finally getting to blog! Christmas was a whirlwind, and we had lots of traveling afterwards getting Knittymac moved up here and settled. Gearing up for Ravelympics and sock wars, and fundraising for Haiti was next. Our direct link to donate to Haiti is:
The funds are going directly to Doctors without Borders. So, anyways I finally got to go to Connecticut to see Brenda! I feel like I have a whole family there now, I just loved them all. It was such a great trip! We did a lot of cozy knitting, coffee drinking, watched loads of Father Ted, and visited with Sophia and Bronwen! We went to Brenda's LYS which was lovely, and WEBS! It was relaxing and wonderful. I cant wait to have them here for Ashevegas 2010! Geocaching with the Emperor was really fun too, and I managed a whole round on the death sock. Here are some pictures.... There's me trying to stuff Sophia into my bag and take her home, there's the sign in the candy shop where I bought Fred some goodies, and of course Dharma being a splendid sock hostess and bringing me coffee and mint ice cream. Back to the grind here, surrounded by snuggly pugs and yarn. Im happy to be home but can't wait to go back!


Asheville Now said...

Wow this is quite some knitting. Do you ever get to the market in Pritchard Park. There are great crafts there in the summer. Nice Work!

Fru-la-la! said...

I love the pictures and I love the hair!!! I'm so glad you had a blast!! You've been due for an awesome adventure for a while now..because're awesome!! xo!