Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Danger Will Robinson!

There is a downside to living with four pugs. In the cold winter mornings, with two warm pugs scrunched up behind your butt under the blankets, one snoring next to your head and one curled up against your belly, you could never get up. It's a serious concern. Like global warming.
Lion brand has just released four short vids about knitting socks.I'm hoping I can conquer that hole in the gussett thing. Much more fun lately: knitty Otter's Entrelac Tutorial
So easy! So much fun with Noro.
Im working with Urbangypz who has double superpowers: she spins and dyes. See her cute face pictured above? She gifted me with blindingly green lime sock yarn. I like this local yarn celebrity. You should check her out.


Stacey Budge said...

HEHE...The entralac is looking good!!

marysk said...

Love, love , love UrbanGypZ's yarns! After you gave me one for my birthday, I bought a bunch more. It is just amazing. The colors are fantastic, and it all wears like iron too!

Love your entrelac, brave girl!

Fru-la-la! said...

Hellos, I am hella jealous!