Monday, June 23, 2008

Penis cozy

Catchy title, huh. I started on a new hat for Son #2 yesterday, from the book that Raineya sent me in the pugswap. It looks like a penis cozy right now. Im exhausted. Part of combining two households for this move involved taking on a combination of five dogs, and Boots is the only one used to being on a leash. So we just moved here and so far animal control has already issued a warning citation, and last night the big dogs led Boots off somewhere at two thirty am and he was gone for an hour, followed by a big dogfight in the kitchen and one of them bringing home a dead cat after chasing off yet another pissed off neighbor out walking their dog. If we had the dosh there would already be an electric fence in place but we are broke till Wednesday. The stress is getting to me. All the neighbors probably hate us already, except for one couple we met while dog chasing. Rolling eyes...going to take a nap....will clean up dog pee off the floor later because NOONE is going outside for any reason. And I'm not dwelling on poor kitty either.

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