Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket!

Here's my take on this thing- thank goodness for bittlerelly, who advised me that "yeah it's supposed to look like shit until it's finished" or I never would have tried to finish it. Also, the whole thing reminded me of origami. I was not really sure I was even knitting it right until after the Bind Off, when I lined up the button holes. Then like magic, here it is!

The advice that I used was from ravelry Here

1. Finish the row just before “knit center 90” starts. Leave the yarn at the edge.
2. Put the first 34 stitches on a stitch holder
3. With a new yarn (same color or different color) knit 90 stitches.
4. Put the last 34 stitches on a holder.
5. Knit the center 90 stitches until you’re done. Cut the yarn.
6. Put the first 34 stitches back on the needle, use the yarn that’s at the edge, and knit those 34 stitches.
7. Pick up 10 stitches, place a marker, knit the 90, place a marker, pick up another 10 stitches
8. Put the last 34 stitches back on the needle and knit them.


Celeste said...

that's why it's called the baby SURPRISE jacket! 8-) I need to knit one of those things. Yours looks FANTASTIC.

woolanthropy said...

You BSJ turned out fantastic. Great colors!

Anonymous said...

It sure turned out pretty. I love it! Thank you soooooo much!!