Friday, February 27, 2009

What is a hush puppy?

We took Joy monkey to the Fiddlin Pig to celebrate tonight. It was her very first restaraunt visit. She liked the bluegrass and loved the clogging. She made friends with a little boy outside who showed her his yugioh card collection. My advice? Do NOT let sock monkeys experiment with barbeque sauce. We had a small explosion of vinegar sauce but otherwise all went well until one of the kids mentioned hush puppies. Joy just wants to know how come the puppies are fried and why they have to hush. She hid under the table till we explained that no puppies were harmed, but we really are not sure how to explain these crispy bits of yum. There was also a new favorite- Joy monkey LOVES fried pickles.
Now home, watching Dollhouse and knitting a noro hat and casting on son #3 a Wonderful Wallaby.

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Lillian Jane said...

My favorite theory on the beginning of hush puppies is that they were little tidbits that people would toss to rambunctious goggies while saying: "Hush puppy!" But that is probably pure myth.

Although I will occasionally fry up a few when I'm cooking at gatherings to toss at the kids to keep them out of my busy kitchen ... Because sharp knives, hot pans, boiling water and children do not mix well ...