Friday, February 27, 2009

Tractorz Rawk

My friends are THE BEST
Yep, more birthday bragging: I was sitting here not doing any housework, trying to decide if I should power nap or make myself some bday brownies, when a big ass box was delivered. Here is what was inside: a card from my sweet Ravelry tractor ladies, and many goodies! Carribean rum cake (ahoy!) socks for my tissues, which is funny because someone assumes we are polite enough not to blow snot on toilet paper, pirate swords, a zillion pencils from Florida (NAOMI) a 25$ gift card to Starbucks (Ya!) a love monkey magic towel, which they still fascinate me I dont care, a martooni cookie cutter, a kitteh button, organic fair trade dark chocolate pnut butter cups (woot) a crackerjack prize (cute) a big ol bag of brainy bean coffee (YUM) an adorable sock monkey project bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! two skeins of gorgeous purple yarn, two skeins of fricking peace fleece!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful stitch markers!!!!!!! a grow your own pirate ship, a cute monkey necklace kit and inflatable monkey! (Thesailingknitter) and these beautiful needles from the peace fleece people which I had no idea they even made needles! The topper was this fugly, awful hat. Ok, I opened the box, Im taking pictures and exclaiming to meself at each surprise, feeling like I'm OST or something (Brenda you will get that reference) just basically feeling totally spoiled, undeserving, rotten, and utterly amazed at my friends' generosity, when I get to this freaky hat. It is amazingly hideous. I'm thinking, ok I say out loud "holy crap that hat is ugly". Then I read the note from MoptopMary:
"Dear Jana, a very Happy Birthday to you. Many will tease you about your age but you need to know your not getting older your getting better. Enclosed is a sassy little something made especially for you. I call it a "Horrible Hat". When your not feeling your best and your thinking "Oh my Bob, I can't leave the house looking like this" (have you been peeking at me, Mary?) throw on this horribly ugly hat on your head and I guarantee no matter how awful you think you look all eyes will be on this hat. You can walk with the confidence of a queen wearing this stately crown. It won't matter if you have toilet paper sticking to your shoes or that your underwear is sticking out of your pants (you WERE peeking!). You'll be amazed at the power this hat commands. Wear it proud, wear it loud, it's a one of a kind just like you."
Is that not a hoot?! How do you guys know me so well?!!!
I just love you all. Honestly. I am so lucky. And I don't even need a trip to the emergency room or a fatal disease. Oh me oh my.
THANK YOU crazy tractor girls! You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JollyPyrate said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Jana! You are wonderful and your Tractor Riding Sock Monkey Nun Pirate girls love you!

P.S. Pencils are great because you can always erase!!

MonkehMama de Fru said...

Awesome goodies for an awesome awesome birfday girl!

Anonymous said...

I especially lurve the hat. Everyone needs a hat like that!

Birthday love -