Friday, February 20, 2009

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Hi, this is Sister Mary Monkeypants here, Mom said I could do the bloggy thing today since I was so helpful and opened the packages for her. I am so excited to let you all know that the Crazy Tractor Ladies Box of Swappy Goodness made it to our house today, and Jolly Bean and I have been busy sorting through the pretty dishcloths, and the fab wooly blobs of yarny stuff from our friend Rover and his Mum. Mom is confused because she says we can't keep all of it. Anyway, more excitement arrived today, there was a box addressed to Mom but I have decided that its meant for Moi, even though you can plainly see the card was a birthday card with a distant cousin posing, and it appears to be from THEGIRLPURLS for a secret valentine! Mom says thegirlpurls is the rawkinest secret valentine EVAR, and I agree! She sent me, I mean Mom, a box of these "pg tips" which Mom says she secretly has been dying to try. Also, a tractor stamp for my friends' passports, and she also sent this hi-larious game for us, called "racing nuns" which has funny things on the back. There's a man in a fancy dress and it says "bash the bishop" and a flying lady tht says "say halo to the angel" and a hand in the sky which says "touch the hand of god" all of which made me and mom giggle. We giggle a lot, I gotta tell you. Even better was my new friend, purlmonkey- who Mom says is the most clever pincushion in the whole world but I told her that he is not only a pincushion but doubles as my teddy bear. TheGirlPurls is our new friend and I want to say: May yarn and chocolate fill your every day!

If that is not exciting enough, there was a box which arrived addressed to Mom and Dad Monkeypants, and it smelled like ciggies and Old Spice, with some sort of whiskey and the box was vibrating. Well, I'm not scared of anything and I decided to open it when Mom wasn't looking. There was a note inside: "Dear Mom & Dad Monkeypants: I met your girl, Sister Mary Monkeypants at a beer chugging contest last week. "belch" She said I was one hot frog and I had a totally rad Harley. I find myself tossed from my pad so to speak. SMMP said I could come hang out with you and the boys. So here I am! I eat anything and only fart when I eat. "Belch" You can call me anything babe just don't call me late for dinner, hear?! Oh yeah, I don't wanna sleep with no pugs!"

Can I just say that I am overjoyed to see Mon Frog again?! He is such a handsome devil, isn't he? We immediately had a burp contest and he ate the box that he arrived in. I am begging Mom to let him stay. She says that he is rude, crude, and must hail from Connecticut, but he told me he's from Canada.

Mom and I love you all tons and tons! Love, SMMP


MonkehMama de Fru said...

SMMP! Sassy is very excited to come and visit you and the pugs! She wants to know why MonkehMamadeFru does not have packages of goodies to open, like you do.

Anonymous said...


Love you Sister Mary Monkeypants!