Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sock Monkey Hangover

Last night I had planned to go to bed early, but after American Idol I re-frogged Sister Mary Monkeypants's butt, and a bunch of good Law n Orders came on, and then there was a movie, and suddenly it was 4:30 am and Sister Mary Monkeypants had a torso and eyes. My craft table looks like it exploded. Eastie Beastie has been very excited since yesterday because we have a guest with a french accent that has been randomly spouting phrases under the dining room table. I think at some point the puggles tried to make friends with him, but being a cat wearing boots they just managed to remove his voicebox somehow, and now he mysteriously speaks from under the table every so often, causing pug head tilts and some confusion.


Anonymous said...

What?? Top down monkey??? So very beautiful....I can see some of how cute she is...her "very tan", New York Grannie monkey has already had some plastic surgery!!

love and monkey kisses!

Jan said...

Way cool sock monkey in the works! Makes me wish I could knit. Can't wait til you post finished pics.

Resident Grandma at Sock Monkey Ranch