Friday, January 16, 2009

OMG I was not online all day

I had planned to kind of be online for a bit this morning, but life conspired against it. I took Son #1 with me to get groceries this morning and smoke boiled out of the hood then the van peed. So we got groceries and came home. I think a hose busted. Anyway, I had wanted to go see my hospice lady again but not with the van on fire, so I picked up the phone to call and check on her, and callerid showed their number. I just knew right then. Miss Irene had died at 1:15 am this past morning. At least I saw her two days ago, had spent a few hours knitting at her side and had told her she was loved. I had tucked her in.
The day picked up at that point. I was trying to talk to Shebear29 on the phone, and son #2's teacher called. Since the van busted we did a "phone conference" where he tried ever so nicely to tell me that son #2 has been a real surly little jackass at school. Which he thought was somehow related to the move, but I informed him that no, he's just surly. The other interesting bit was the part where he has missed a bunch of homework and has an F in social studies. Which, being the gifted surly kid that he is, meant that I was officially in a "take no prisoners" mood.
Into the living room I went, ordering one of them to clear off the table and the other one to *gasp* pull the plug on World of Flipping Warcraft. Child in question was told to sit down at the table. Every so often these wild boys get the idea that Mom is serious, and behave accordingly. Once, there was a call that I was to leave work and pick up this same son (nicknamed Dennis the Menace) for throwing a rock and breaking another boy's nose at daycamp. That and the time I walked into the living room and said "Everyone outside now, the kitchen is on fire," and all three just got up from cartoons and filed quickly out the door.
This was one of those moments. I plugged the laptop in and sat it in front of him. On the table I gently placed the following: three sharpened pencils, paper labeled with the missing homework, and a huge black belt. I then informed Mister Man that there would be a marked improvement in his school attitude. Also, the homework would be done, and done with good effort and done correctly, so that he could turn it in on Tuesday to recieve a D instead of an F. Then I told him what was going to occur if he gave me any lip whatsoever. I told him I was there if he had any questions.
So my day was spent quietly reflecting, knitting, and occaisonally answering questions about North Carolina.

Two Noro Scarves to work on today (yay!) and I got my secret valentine info (yay) and I am very VERY excited about the Mysterious Thread of Mysterious Mystery in Tractors. More on that later.

I will miss you, Irenie.


Jani said...

Miss Irenie was lucky to have had you, Pugger, and I think maybe you were lucky to have had her, too?

Hope the rest of the loooong weekend goes better. <3

puggerhugger said...

Thanks, Monkijan. The blessing was all mine. She was a joy to know. :)

Fru said...

Okay, you are totally my hero. Having played WoW myself, I know how hard it is to get someone's attention away from that game!! Snaps for putting the smack down!!!

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

I am so sorry to hear about Miss Irenie. It remains (to me) a shocking and depressing loss, not matter how much one is prepared for it.

I will be thinking of you.

Cristi-Lael said...

Man, I hate days like that! And, unfortunately, they happen more often than necessary.

I'm sure that you brought some sunshine to Miss Irene's last days. I know you bring sunshine to my life and I've never even met you! Imagine how much better it was for Irene when she didn't have a computer filter and was able to get the full benefit of the hugger of pugs.

I agree with Bill Cosby, children are brain damaged and cannot get through the day without a beating. At least that's what my children seem to tell me. ;o)
I had hoped that things would be better when the girls were older and able to understand logic. However, it doesn't seem that you have any easier a time with your teens than I do with my preschoolers. Kids.