Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Long and Intense Day

This morning I bought muffins for the horde and spent a few hours making mysterious secret Valentines. Then I took Son #2 out to lunch, and went to see my hospice patient. I got home tonight feeling worried and drained. My little hospice lady is a recovering alcoholic, taking morphine etc. and some damn fool idiot took her money and bought her alcohol. She's disoriented, filthy, and upset. She got confused and wandered outside and had a bowel movement in the chair on the back porch. She'll have to go back to hospice. I wanted to hunt down the asshole that gave her alcohol and beat his ass.
Anyway I got home and there was chicken n dumplings homemade by the hub, and three excited little boys, and doggies. After loves, I saw a PILE of packages! OK, one was somebody else's mail, I guess the mailman just decided to leave me extra. But let's see... one box was from Sonshine, filled with sweetswap goodies- yum! And even little pug treats! Thank you Sonshine!
Also I got the green Peace Fleece that I had traded for, it's for another swap. So pretty! My good friend Brenda sent me a mitten pattern but OMG don't tell the killer clowns. Hugs B!
The last package (I know, right?) was from sweet MarySK, a total surprise RAK- it had a bath set of crabtree & Evelyn, a cute vintage crochet book with Mary joking she could just see herself in this seventies yarn skirt (see pic). Ya, Mary, let's make that! She also sent me my first Rowan Kidsilk haze, it feels like a small kitten. Yummeh. Not that I'd eat a kitten. Im too full of dumplings and chocolate. She sent a pug card too, and this cool shopping notebook pad holder thingey from a fair trade company. So ALL these goodies definately cheered me up and I was feeling so spoiled, yay!
Then I checked my email, and a UU friend had chosen to share with me her journal from when her son was killed in a car accident. I read it, and I am amazed at this dear woman's courage and strength. She is my hero for today. I will always have her son in my heart because she chose to share her experience of his passing with me, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to know them both.

I was right, wasnt I- long and intense day. I'm going to go watch tv. - Pugger

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