Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My friend Amandaleigh, otherwise known as candypants... sent me a pug calendar! And a funny card that says "Fleas Navidad" Thank you, 'Manda Candeh! I love it! Although I dont know where they got these pugs because my babies are five times as cute. Uh huh. Yesterday I finished my Tractor dishcloth, which you can hardly see the pattern dammit. Also today I added onto one of the purple Group 44 Traveling Scarves. Fun!

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Pam J. Hecht said...

Hi there. I'm curious to know what the two pink items are here. I love the pattern of the one on top. I've just started knitting and love it - I will have to post some of my creations on my blog, which I'm lazy about working on and which only about 3 people read..... I enjoyed looking at your blog!
Pam Hecht, Asheville, www.planetpamj.com