Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big January Plans

Jolly is back to his usual shenanigans. I think he decided that not having testicles isn't such a big deal as long as he can still terrorize the household. January is going to be a fun month. I'm in the mood to destash by doing little sneaky contests (see Tractors and Odd Ducks) but I will go ahead and say for the record that anyone who makes me a sock monkey nun will get a prezzie.

Here are the January plans: 1. Finish the hub's giant socks 2. Make sheep intarsia minitote for mikelswool mini purse swap! 3. Make these dishcloths for tractors: pentacle (unforgretable), dragonfly (Shebear29), love to knit (up for grabs), cat (up for grabs), and bobble the sheep (up for grabs) 4. Make cute Valentine thingey for Lulu's group swap.

Also frog Mr. Greenjeans and then attempt to trade eight skeins of blue auracania for enough brown tweed checkheaton to do the hub's sweater. *sigh*

Now I'm off to watch Bones allllllllll day long. Happy New Year!

PS: Walgreens near Asheville Mall has Elvis Beanies on sale for 7 bucks. Very tacky. Very awesome.

PSS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZABEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU CHICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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