Friday, January 9, 2009


So i stayed up too late last night, and then Lizabee and I had a wonderful knitty Friday at World Cafe, gabbing about Ravelry friends and swaps and plotting secret Valentiney crafts, then we went by Purrl's and the post office. I got home right before the horde invaded. I just had time to roll around on the bed giving puggy hugs when I was overrun by little boys. What was I thinking? Two spend-the-night guests = five little boys saying "dude" a LOT. Two of them have clarinets. So many electronic games were going that the power flickered in the house. I've frogged my GAA square #3 four times, DUDE, and abandoned all hope of washing dishes. I just ordered pizza. DUDE.
I'm happy though, because I mailed off a few goodies including spoiling Bittlerelly's cute daughter Esme, and a chewed up baboon toy for Grandpa. Dude.
And oh! Lulu sent me the Volume 2 Vogue Knitting Stitchionary! And the most awesome fag hag sticker that is going on the van. Dude.
BTW: what does "poned" mean? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Definition's for you darling!

1. Poned 217 up, 75 down
getting your ass whoped by anyone who is better than you, causing disgrace and/or shame. Basically sucking.
Leo- "dude you got SEROUSLY PONED by that old lady"
by Dr. Pepper Mar 9, 2004 share this add comment
2. poned 200 up, 89 down
A word the JONAS BROTHERS ( Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas ) made up. to be shown up at. to be put down by someone better than you.
Joe; Nick, you so got poned!
owned jonas brothers nick joe kevin
by dfgfdg Mar 3, 2008 share this 11 comments
3. poned 182 up, 60 down
Short for punk'd, owned, dissed, rejected, ejected
Miley and Aly & A.J. got PONED!

Manda Candy Pants

Cristi-Lael said...

Well, according to Internetslang DOT com, the definition of PONED is "Powerfully owned, dominated"