Monday, January 26, 2009

Sock Monkey Explosion

So the Ravelry group that I started as a lark has grown to over fifty very wonderful people in the space of what, three weeks? I'm kind of stunned, and really happy to visit all these creative fun people every day. They're swapping and making friends and they've formed threads to support each other in reaching goals and dealing with difficult things. They post great patterns and fantastic photos. Then there's the sock monkey craziness. I love it! Three separate groups, making sock monkeys and sending them around the country and even overseas as foreign exchange students, with photo journals of their travels and getting little knitted items or embroidered tattoos along the way. Some of us hardcore whackjobs (Pixiethief) and (pugger)are actually attempting to KNIT our monkeys. Mine is Sister Mary Monkeypants of course, the nun monkey. Anyway today Pixie posted a link for the smart bunch that are buying their sock monkeys, and the link included an album of some of the funniest sock monkey adventures that I've seen. Here is the album.
And, even better, a photo of my brand new sock monkey god-child in the UK, Ladybird!


Fru said...

Okay..the comic about the sock monkeh getting medieval on someone's azz is hilarious!!! I'm sending you hugs b/c I'm so happy to have you in my life and so happy that you started the sock monkeh goodness!!!

woolanthropy said...

Oh the madness of sock monkeys. They/we are a zany bunch. hehe.