Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

i think we had a great birthday. Somehow, there was yarn involved. We brought the cake, the one that did NOT say "Holy Crap you're 9" and the little boys had pizza and watched a good movie. I still can't believe this but somehow I managed to get the entire theater to serenade son #3 with Happy Birthday to You. Then he got to pose with an alien. I guess the staff liked the cake since they gave him a raygun to take home. Anyway, guess who was there?! LINDSEY, from Purl's! So of course I had to show her what I was knitting and told her about the summer Tractor Knitting Weekend plans that I'm cooking up. She said she's going to host a wine and yarn party for us one night at the shop! My only other comment: John Cleese, in the movie: FAB sweater. Tweed. Very very impressive.

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Fru said...

LOVE the cake!!!!!