Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boring Knitting Thoughts

It is getting very cold here in Ashevegas. So this morning the hub decided to take the boys outside and drag all these logs and brush onto the back patio. (I think his intention is to make firewood type stuff) I stayed inside and cleaned the living room. This consisted of folding a crap-ton of laundry and dragging a dead couch out to the garage. At one point, I told the hub that we needed apple pie. He told me to go make one, so I just got back from Earthfare. I bought a nice apple pie and some organic ice cream. (The jap in me responding to being told to go make pie).
The boring knitting stuff: I cast on and frogged square #3 of the Great American Afghan atleast six times. You know how obnoxious it is when you are knitting with a darker yarn and row twelve or something of the pattern says "knit the knit and bobble stitches and purl the purl and YO stitches?!" grrrrr. Finally I started leafing through the book and after reading square #1, I had the following insight: why am I doing this?
What I REALLY want to do is knit a bunch of different squares from the fun patterns that I've been using from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary on the Traveling Scarves. So, I read that the GAA squares are c/o around 56-60 st and use sz 7 needle and are 12" long. Eh, I can do the math. So I went through VK volumes 1 and 2 (Thank you Lulu!) and picked out which ones would be superfun for an afghan-sized square. I figure if I do twenty-five different ones my afghan should be about the right size.
So wish me luck! I cast on with a plymouth blue #253 of VK #1 the Bell Stitch today. So far Im having a ball with it.

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Anonymous said...

i think this is a totally awesome idea and will be a way beautifuler afghan in the end. go for it!