Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Girl

Lulu and grandpa mailed me another fab packet today! I love how she decorates the boxes. Grandpa sent the puglets some yummy snax, which they were about out so thanks! Also the book that I won playing Lulu's fun New Year's Game, and the lovely doll that now lives on the mantel with her new boyfriend the cross-dressing gargoyle. She looks rather alarmed to be seen in front of him sans dress, and the hub said she was spooky but I assured him that she is just misunderstood. I mean, someone has hacked her hair and stolen her dress leaving her in a crinoline, and her new boyfriend has a stony heart. However she is hopeful that Rocky the gargoyle, with his exquisite taste in fashion, can find her a new dress in his special gargoyle book of goth doll fashion.


Anonymous said...

New Girl already loves her new home!!! Look at Gargoyle cross dresser checking her out- she's making new friends already, hooray!!

love to Pugger, "Gramma" and "Grampa"

Fru said...

It's like the Gargoyle is saying to her, "I just asked you if these pearls make me look fat?!!! Sheesh!!!!"

Snaps for awesome gifts!