Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Scrambled Tuesday: it's snowing. I love it. Jolly modeled Shebear29's crochet scarf for me, looking all cute, then ran under the table and jerked the laptop down RIGHT onto meh foot. Meanwhile, Amandaleigh had me all faklempt with this description of my Tractor group:

just remember a couple of things…

  • we love each other unconditionally
  • we love sock monkehs
  • we don’t bite (unless you ask Gretta real nice like)
  • we love to share
  • we will do whatever we can to help each other out, no matter what
  • there is no better place anywhere for support no matter what’s going on in your world.


  • cheetos and buttercream frosting should ONLY be used for medicinal purposes, never recreational!!
Also I am fascinated by peeps all of a sudden. So funny. And is it bad that I'm crushing on Adam Lambert? Wow I loved his song tonight, who cares how gay he is.
And, I am NOT into guns. Just, you know, fyi.
And Brenda called me, yay!
Right now, in order to scrub the images of Courtney Love from my brain, I am collecting pictures of cupcakes on photobucket.

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