Monday, April 27, 2009


Today has been both relaxing and happy here at the Pug Palace. First of all, Brenda called with the wonderful news that dear little baby Sophia has finally decided to be born. Mazel Tov to Bronwen and Jeff!
I finished reading Eat, Love, Pray and just in time to send to Brenda with her sock monkey blanket which I will get to work on tonight. I can't recommend this book enough- it is truly a gift.
Kathy sent me the rest of the sock monkey faces and squares for the blanket, along with a HUGE box of goodies- yummy chocolates, gummy candies for the horde, a book from my Amazon wishlist, fabulous yarn, a monkey bookmark, nun bowling game (hahahaha) and the best card! Thank you Kathy! Is this my secret swap package? It must be! I love it!
Grandpa sent a welcome package for Mini Purl, some biscuits that she is delightedly gumming, and the cutest hotdog outfit ever. Seriously. Look! We love you, Grandpa!


mister said...

Mini Pearls you are SO hot in that dawg. Pretty and Purdy at the same time... love grampa

Acrylic-Girl said...

I really like that "hot dog"!
Dina :)
aka Acrylic-girl