Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guy the Ska Monkey Rides for BlueRidge Pride

For those of you just tuning in, I am part of a craft group online that shares a mission to send our Sock Monkeys all over the world. Each sock monkey visitor stays a month in each location and there is a lot of photo journaling, blogging, and adventurous silliness. Right now I am hosting Guy Fox, the Ska Monkey. Yesterday as we were driving downtown, he flung himself out of the van to investigate a herd of pink flamingos. He talked to their leader, a Miss PinkPants, who explained that they were involved in a lovely fundraiser for BlueRidge Pride. They even let Guy pose for a photo! Apparently, for a small donation, you can arrange to have this entire herd of lovely flamingos land in the unsuspecting yard of your choice. Mwah ha ha!!!!!!!!!! Guy is trying to talk me into flocking the UU church.
Of course, we can't WAIT for next month's visitor, a transgender sock monkey with a huge heart and loads of personality. We are hoping to make some friends in the Asheville Community that will welcome ValenTina in style.

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