Sunday, April 5, 2009

How to celebrate Spring with heathen boys

We stuffed the plastic eggs with dollar bills, candy, and chores. Then we put all the black licorice jellybeans into the golden egg. I made them swear that whatever they got in their eggs they had to keep. Mwah ha ha...
Of course Ruby helped hide the eggs. It's her last day, she's being put down tomorrow which is why we went ahead and had the egg hunt today.
Try chasing four boys with two pugs on leashes and a wild Sock Monkey while taking pictures. The sock monkey found three eggs all by himself. He got some jellybeans and has to clean out Ward's car. The pugs are exhausted. Everyone is smeared with melted chocolate and there are plastic eggs on the floor.
We got some great pictures of Ruby in the purple flowers that are growing all over the yard. It's a good day. Sunny, happy to be here with these messy boys and my pugs and the flowers and Ruby looking out at the woods.

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