Friday, November 21, 2008

Whimsy and Eyebrows

For those of you unfamiliar with Son #1, here is a pretty good snapshot of his delightful personality...
I gave him a toy catalog yesterday to circle things that he might be interested in obtaining for Christmas.
Awhile later, he casually handed it back and said "Mama will you look at the catalog?" about ninety times.
Finally I looked at it. No longer a toy catalog, first I thought "my goodness are the children cartoons? From Kazistan? Monobrows are in?" then I saw the pony smoking a cigar. Hmmmm, I don't think JC Penny could get away with that, even in North Carolina.
I turned back to the front cover, where he had crossed out the word "Toy" and substituted "eyebrow".

Woot! The Eyebrow Catalog! Complete with Scary kids in expensive vehicles and smoking ponies!

I just love my kids.

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Fru said...

teeeeheeeeeheeee!!! He's so clever!!!