Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, we always write to you in November so that you have time to squeeze us in and I hope this year we have all been very good. Here is a picture of the new baby that we are adopting this week! With him in mind, here is my Christmas wishlist:
1. Puupy toys!
2. a giftcard to knitpicks.com
3. Tickets to Biltmore to see the beautiful Christmas lights?
4. A used copy of Vogue Stitch Dictionary Volume One! (Amazon)

All our best to you and Mrs. Claus

Love, Pugger


Melissa said...

How sweet! I hope you really enjoy getting to know the new member of the family.

jscout said...

oh look at that little sweet face face face! and pug bum! welcome little sweet face!

Jani said...

SO adorable! You are gonna have your hands full and then some - very exciting!