Friday, November 14, 2008

Jolly and Rose

I can't resist posting more pictures. The dalmation/lab is son #3's giant hound. Sweet dog, extremely dumb, very excited with our baby boy.


Knit Witch said...

So cute!!!

Mary Beth said...


It looks like your big dog is going to be a Daddy to Jolly Bean. My Shih Tzu did that to our baby pug...after he got over the shock of us bringing a baby home. He actually took care of her like a Mom. He would clean her face and ears. Kind of gave her a bath everyday. Now, he just does her face. Amos the Shih Tzu lost 5 lbs. just chasing her around & taking care of her. It was so cute. But, Paige the Pug is almost a year old now & ole Amos gained back his weight :(

How old is Jolly Bean? Did you get her from a breeder? We got Paige from a breeder & I took her back to see her Mom, Dad, and baby Sister a few weeks ago. Everyone had a wonderful reunion! Mom & Dad are now *fixed* and retired. Baby Sister will now be the new Mom, someday.