Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obsessive pug thoughts

Just to report: Jolly visited the vet today and made friends with another black puggy girl named Violet. He weighs 12.8 pounds! He is all healthy and has had his last set of shots, dewormer, heartworm prevention and flea prevention. Also I had him microchipped. So if you are stalking him you can forget it. He only does sleepovers with his fairy pugmother or Grandpa.
We set a date after Christmas to remove his manhood (shhhhh don't tell him!) and she wants to know if I want her to do plastic surgery to enlarge his tiny smooshed nostrils. I'm not sure and I need advice on that. He will breathe better, but then again its surgery! Opinions?

For those of you bored to death by now, I offer the above image. Enjoy. And whoever mailed me a cd of christmas music (?) Thank you. ???? Im wondering did I click something on Amazon by accident. And if so, what did I accidentally not order for my kids for Christmas.

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Tekgirl said...

Like how much surgery does it involve to stretch his nostrils? Is it something that can be done at the same time as the 'other' surgery and will it just be a few stitches or is it more involved than that? How bad is his breathing though- will it be a problem for him do you think?
I think I'd be inclined to get it done if it can be combined, is 'easy' and it will be of benefit to him as it's only one lot of knock out drops that way and it's less stressful for him. There's a lot of ifs there though! More info pls